Brow Certification - How to Become a Brow Artist

Brow Certification - How to Become a Brow Artist


How do I start a career in the eyebrow tattoo industry?

You can obtain our tattoo license if you are aware of your state's health and safety department tattoo license requirements. The requirements may differ per country or state.


Permanent Makeup Training and Certification Requirements  

Upon doing research on the eyebrow tattoo certification, it is important to mention that certification, except for a handful of exceptions, is NOT MANDATORY in the United States. That said, if you're serious about becoming a a permanent cosmetic profession, certification is by far, the most important factor.

I highly recommend go to a training and master the fundamental techniques in eyebrow tattoos. 


How to become a Brow Artist in California ? 

Eyebrow tattoo artists are no different than tattoo artists or any other body art practitioners. Tattoo artists in California are regulated by the state's "Safe Body Art Act." If you want to become a professional tattoo artist, you must register with the department of health in the county where you plan to work. 

  • Practitioner is 18 year of age or older. (Valid government issued photo identification.) 

  • Proof of completion o a County-approved Blood Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Training. 

  • All first-time registrants must provide 2" x 2" passport type photo.

  • Certificate of Hepatitis B vaccination or evidence of immunity or a vaccination declination statement. 


Approved Training Providers for BPE Control Training

Los Angeles County:

  • ($24.95)

  • ($25.00)

Orange County :

  • ($25.00)

  • ($25.00)


 We hope this blog answered some questions you may have in becoming a eyebrow tattoo artist. We at Elle Marie Co.wish you nothing but success and happiness on your brow game. 

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