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Wound Healing Salve - Body & Brows Micropigmentation/Tattoos.

1 MicroBalm Packs( 5ml each) 

These fully disposable/environmentally sound packaged pillow packs are the perfect take home to offer any client post procedure. Once opened they will pinch closed.

Recommend Use - All Stages of Micropigmentation

PRE Procedure:
-can be applied to dry skin before SMP or body tattoos, to soften it and to create a supple and moisture-rich environment that allows pigment/inks to deposit faster.

POST Procedure:
-after micropigmentation, apply within the 'golden period' of wound healing, the 5-6 hours immediately following the procedure
-continue applying 2-3 times daily

Extended POST Procedure:
-can continue to be applied for 7-15 days after a micropigmentation procedure
-can also be applied to tattooed skin for ongoing maintenance; keeping your skin happy and healthy can aid in prevention of tattoo discolouration. 

1. Wipe area with MicroTonic or otherwise cleanse, as instructed by the artist.
2. Gently apply small amounts of MicroBalm to PMU with a cotton swab, or with clean hands to larger areas. DO NOT RUB AGGRESSIVELY.
3. Repeat 2-3 times daily, or as needed, in order to keep skin hydrated and protected with a breathable barrier.
4. Apply MicroBalm if and when skin becomes itchy, dry, sore, or irritated.

MicroBalm may also be used on any other skin irregularities to promote healing. 


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